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PRP facial skin rejuvenation

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We have BOTOX

Special: BOTOX $10.00 per unit through end of year (15.00 reg.)
Remove unwanted wrinkles. Clear away bothersome crow's-feet.

Enjoy one of the least costly facial aesthetic procedures -- with no downtime. Your quick and simple treatment provides dramatic wrinkle reduction results. See your frown and worry lines, lip wrinkles and crow's feet disappear.

Acupuncture Staples

This unique stainless steel press tack is placed in the cheek area of the ear. The basis for its use in weight loss is to stimulate the Vagus nerve.

The nerve helps suppress the activities in the stomach that signal you to want to eat. This is included with your program.

Try Our Food

Are you conscious about the food you're eating? At Sylvan Weight we have many tasty food choices for you to choose from.

Protein fortified foods
Protein Supplements
We have a variety of protein bars, shakes, soups, snacks, available for purchase to help you take the guess work out of food preparation.

Our Location

We proudly serve patients throughout the Central Valley. We are located in Fresno, directly across from Bullard High School.

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Prescription Appetite Suppressants

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At Sylvan Weight we offer you a medically supervised weight loss program, that if you properly follow it, can help you lose weight through the managed use of diet medications, including appetite suppressants.

Because some diet medications have been questionable – either because of health risks or lack of consistent performance – you may have some concerns. At our weight loss center, we will only prescribe safe, effective diet medications to meet your weight-loss needs.

Cell Press Fiber Pills

Manage your appetite!

Cell Press is a fiber supplement that helps to create a sense of fullness. It contains Benzocaine which helps to numb the stomach and gives one a feeling of fullness.

Cell-Press is designed to promote feelings of satisfaction or fullness before a meal. In this way, Cell-Press can purportedly encourage dieters to eat less than they normally would. Cell-Press can also function as a sort of stool softener as it moves through the intestinal tract. Cell-Press helps support a healthy digestive system.